The Reel Mower

We are trying out best to be more green and we thought a fun way to do this would be to get a push mower. Little did we know that they are a hot commodity on Criag's List! After trying for weeks we finally scored a deal and drove into NW DC to pick up our $20 mower this weekend. We were so excited that when we got home we took it out of the back of the car and immediately started taking turns pushing it across the lawn. Dave ended up finishing the job while I snapped a few pictures of him :) I recommend the mower, it works really well and makes the neighbors wonder if we are weird, which is always fun to do.


Dave said...

It is too much fun to use that mower...see the following web address.


Rachel and Jared said...

I once had to use a push mower at Cliff Konold's house, and I swore never again to use one. Sorry guys I wont be mowing your lawn anytime soon.

Nicole Chan said...

Jared, how old were you when you tried it at Cliff's, 4? Maybe you should try a push mower at your age from 2008... :)

Dave said...

It's pretty sweet, I used it for the second time today. We need to sharpen up the blades, but it was $20 well spent!

Dave said...

This edited comment was emailed to me since there seems to have been an issue with the comment portion of the blog...


What happened to the ability to make comments on the blog? I need to be able to do that. I have things to share. Important things.
Like this on your lawn mowing post:


A good way to keep up on keeping it green. Get this, it's a podcast!
Go figure.


Chris said...

So I'm still learning. I was not viewing the actual Blogger site.
Now I can see where I can make comments.

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